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Global Cooperative Principles for Georgia Credit Unions  
  • Members, Not Just Customers – By joining a credit union, people become member/owners. Members expect more value and deserve more respect than is available in the typical customer interaction at non-cooperative financial institutions.
  • Democratic Control – Members have equal influence in the voting process and equal opportunity to run for election to the board. One member, one vote. Once elected, directors have fiduciary responsibility to all members.
  • Service Differentiates – Democratic control provides a decision-making environment that elevates creating value for the members above profit accumulation at the credit union. It is the dedication to providing service that differentiates credit unions from for-profit suppliers.
  • "Profits" Belong to the Members – In order to grow and provide new services, credit unions generate capital by retaining a portion of earnings. These retained earnings are used for the betterment of the entire membership.