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Paying ATTENTION...® to people and their money  

Each quarter, Paying ATTENTION...® provides revealing data about trends among credit unions in Georgia taken from a representative sample of credit unions. Statistics gathered from a consumer survey are also included to highlight concerns and trends among Georgia consumers.

Current Issue

Second Quarter of 2014 Shows Georgia Credit Union Members in the Mood to Buy

Edition 16: Report: Georgians Purchase More Big-Ticket Items, Consumer Confidence Rising
Edition 15: Increased Lending At Georgia Credit Unions Signals Economic Turnaround, Report Suggests
Edition 14: Georgians Buy More Cars as Confidence Builds, New Report Shows
Edition 13: Report: Consumer Spending in Georgia Fueled by Sustained Economic Improvements
Edition 12: Report: Georgians Stabilize Savings, Return to Spending
Edition 11: Georgians Rebound from Recession, Purchase New Vehicles
Edition 10: Georgians Strengthen Savings, Continue to Spend Wisely
Edition 9: Prudent Georgians Gravitate to Credit Unions, Look to Save Money
Edition 8: Georgians Finally Put Away Old Keys, Buy More New Vehicles
Edition 7: Report: Georgia Consumers' Savings, Financial Prudence Increase
Edition 6: Georgia Consumers Continue Trend of Saving, Reducing Borrowing
Edition 5: Report: Georgians Saving More, But Most Lack Enough To Cover Long-Term Expenses
Edition 4: Report: Georgia Consumers Reluctant to Spend, Look to Bolster Savings
Edition 3: Georgians Adjusting to 'New Normal' with Cautious Spending, Doubts on Economic Turnaround
Edition 2: Georgians' Holiday Spending Plans Reflect Current Consumer Mindset
Edition 1: Poll: Georgians Cautiously Optimistic on Spending, Financial Future